If you are prepared to sell your business, then let’s talk right away. We are ready to sell it for you. Let's discuss:

  • Will your business sell this year?
  • How do we stage your business?
  • Is your business a good fit for some of our existing buyers?

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Option provides services for over 300 clients saving on Telecom, Web Development, Internet services. Email us and we will:

  • Review a one month bill and let you know if you are being OVER-CHARGED.
  • Provide you with excellent internet presence and marketing.
  • Provide you with simple steps to make immediate corrections to save on monthly costs.

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We can help you:

  • Properly put together presentable finances and marketing materials.
  • Prepare services (telecom, website, internet marketing, etc.) for owner change, grand opening & savings.
  • Identify the key issues and selling points for buyers.

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Client Feedback

  • 08/16/12 -


    We did not have the slightest idea of what goes into a business sale. Option was recommended to us and what a special blessing ensued.

  • 11/05/13 -


    I just wanted you to know, that all of this came together in large part due to the professionalism, diligence and honesty of my agent.

  • 11/23/11 -


    It has been my pleasure as a small business owner to be associated with Option for the sale of my business. I originally employedthem for an assessment of my business value as it was growing. My agent always treated me with respect and valued me as a potential long term client which in the end he earned.

  • 03/24/14 -


    The fees associated with brokering are indeed steep but honestly I could not have gotten the buyers to the table without there professional assistance. The task was daunting.

  • 05/07/12 -


    My agent has been so patient, kind and of course helpful. It has been an intense process to get where we are! She worked hard to help us find the right business and communicate my wishes. I am very comfortable working with her and I trust her.

  • 06/25/14 -


    My broker and the Option team kept me informed at all times and brought an offer within 90 days. Rob lead the team and kept things on track. He was very professional throughout the whole process. I was very pleased and would highly recommend Option.


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News and Successes

  • Pro's and Con's of Seller Financing

  • Tips from a CPA

  • The business owner should be aware of the variety of possible business buyers. Just as small business itself has become more sophisticated, the people interested in buying them have also become more divergent and complex. The following are some of today’s most active categories of business buyers

  • There are more funds available than there are good companies to buy.  Repeat, there is no shortage of buyers with money.  I would estimate there are about 16 buyers for every seller.  So why aren’t buyers doing more deals?

  • For the second consecutive year, the number of small business sales rose, with the total rising 3.3 percent to 6,703 in 2011. In 2010, sales of small businesses rose 2.9 percent, following a 28 percent decline in 2009. 

  • The time to prepare to sell is the day you start or take over the business.”  Burnout – This is a major reason, according to industry experts, why owners consider selling their business. The long hours and 7-day workweeks can take their toll. In other cases, the business may just become boring – the challenge gone. Losing interest in one’s business usually indicates that it is time to sell.

  • From the M&A Intermediary’s perspective, selling next year versus this year means the price received  would need to be considerably higher next year to net the seller the same amount as  they would receive this year. 

  • YTD Incline LLC has cut 25% or more on monthly services costs (telecom, internet, merchant and more) for 35 businesses.

  • Baby boomers soon will be driving business sales

  • Businesses that are listed for all cash just don’t sell.

  • Both the buyer and the seller must develop an awareness of what the sale involves–and such an awareness should include facing potential problems before they swell into floodwaters and “sink” the sale.

  • Potential acquirers can be a crafty bunch when they start poking around your business. Here are some tricks of their trade.